Welcome to the Slippermen Website!

Slippermen are a Genesis tribute band, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Our main focus is to give our audience the chance to listen to and enjoy the songs of Genesis from the 1970's era, as cherished by so many fans.

The members of Slippermen are all passionate fans of this great music. As such, we feel the need to honour it, using vintage instruments (ARPs, RMI, double-neck Shergold, Mellotron samples and Moog Taurus bass pedals), in our re-productions of these classic songs. Listen to samples of our performances on the “clips” page.

Our next series of shows will encompass material from both the Gabriel and early Collins eras, just as they were performed during the Genesis concert tours from 1970 to1980
. Though our primary goal is to accurately re-produce the music as best we can, you might also see some of the visuals which made those concerts so special.

So, we hope that you will “take a little trip back” with us, and re-live the music of Genesis. Perhaps more than one trip! Check the “News” for upcoming shows. Sign our guestbook while you’re here.

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Last updated on May 21st, 2013