Click to enlarge Top 3 Favourite Albums:
1. Selling England by the Pound
2. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
3. Trick of the Tail

Top 3 Favourite Songs:
1. The Cinema Show
2. One for the Vine
3. Dance on a Volcano

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Marc has been a keyboard player since 1985, taking piano lessons a few years ago. He also played drums from the age of 12 through his teens.

He discovered Genesis late in his teen years, only being familiar with the more popular material of the early 80's, until he saw the Three Sides Live video and saw the old Medley for the first time. That's the reason he became interested in keyboards. From there discovering the 'Second's Out' live album, then soon after, the various studio albums that were on the various live albums, including the Gabriel years. He has been a passionate fan ever since, only getting the chance to see them live in 1992.

    Various cover bands from metal to pop (1980's)
    Founding member of Slippermen

Yamaha P-80 Electronic Piano
Korg CX-3 Organ
Korg M-1
ARP Pro Soloist
RMI Electra 368X
ARP Quadra
Yamaha A4000 Sampler (with MidiStation 61)
Roland JV-1080 w/ Vintage 70's card
Yamaha CP-70 Electric Grand (not shown)
Roland Space Echo RE-201
Yamaha Analog Delay
Korg Wavestation SR (not shown)
Yamaha 12-channel stereo mixer
Fender Blender, MXR Phasers, Big Muff Fuzz
Boss Chorus
Yamaha, Casio, RMI, sustain pedals
Korg, Ernie Ball, Boss volume pedals
Peavey KB-300 amp 150W
Ibanez Bass Guitar
Epiphone 12-String Guitar
    Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Styx
    Various jazz bands (Uzeb, Pat Metheny, etc.)