Click to enlarge Top 3 Favourite Albums:
1. Selling England by the Pound
2. Trick of the Tail
3. Wind and Wuthering

Top 3 Favourite Songs:
1. Firth of Fifth
2. In the Cage (T.S.L. Medley)
3. Ripples

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He started playing drums at the age of 13. By 16, he was already touring the province of Quebec with various rock and progressive bands. At 21, he discovered Jazz Fusion, which allowed him to grow as a drummer. Nicolas formed a jazz-fusion band covering jazz-fusion artists of the day. He's also a drum teacher at a music school.

His first Genesis concert experience was the 1980 Duke show at the Montreal Forum. He was immediately hooked on the strong melodies, the heavy driven bass pedals and the complex rhythm patterns.

    InXtremis ( Jazz Fusion - Founding member)

    Genesis, Chick Corea, Planet X, Pat Metheny

Tama Star Classic Performer
Dimensions : 8x8 - 10x10 - 11x12
12x13 - 16x16 Toms
Bass drum : 18x22
Roland SPD-6
Cadeson Piccolo Snare
Kit of 13 cymbals (Sabian, Zildjan & Paiste)