Click to enlarge Top 3 Favourite Albums:
1. Trick of the Tail
2. Archive 1 box set
3. Duke

Top 3 Favourite Songs:
1. Ripples
2. In That Quiet Earth / Afterglow
3. The Cinema Show

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He studied drums since his early childhood, and is also a self-taught guitarist, bassist and keyboard player for over 10 years.  

    Mix (1994 school talent band, French Top 40)
    Mindtouch (1995-2000, original progressive metal)
    Playback (2000-2002, Latin & Rock Top 40)
    Tilbeat (2000, 70's Rock, Santana and Beatles)
    Eretik (2002-2005, original hard rock blues)

    Progressive rock, jazz, pop, metal, anything from the Beatles
     to Radiohead, by way of Genesis, King Crimson, etc.
Shergold style double-neck 12 string guitar /4 string bass
Ibanez 6-string electric guitar
Ibanez 4-string bass
Epiphone 12-string acoustic guitar
Squire Stratocaster guitar
Moog Taurus Bass Pedals
Boss volume pedals / MXR flanger
Digitech RP5 multi-effects pedalboard
Boss 8-channel mixer
Peavey basic 60W bass amp /Beckmer 50W guitar Amp.
Custom Double neck 12/6 string guitar
2nd Drum Kit ( Map in PDF)
backing vocals